Monday, July 23, 2007

Worst Than War---The Pope Must Rethink

So--The Pope recently have been quoted as calling war "useless slaughter".

But, there are worst things than war, for without just war the following would have occurred: Saddam Husein would have continued his attempts at various campaigns of genocide against the Kurds, Marsh Arabs, Iranians and anyone else who earned his displeasure (Which cost well over three millions of lives by the time Iraq was invaded); North Korea would have brought the South of that land into the starving, slave-state which is the North; Hitler and his foolish allies would have continued to murder Jews, Gypsies, Slavs and others to add to the many millions so killed by Nazism before the end of his terror; Imperial Japan would have enslaved the entire East; The enslavement of Blacks would have continued without the military force of the British Navy and the most bloody war that the USA has ever fought; Islam would have continued to enslave the world save for the wars that drove that horrid ideology out of much of Europe; And, too many other cases of just war doing final good to note here.

If wars are to cease on this world, then there must first be a way of halting such evils as are noted above. Until that happens, we must study History and be prepared to wage such wars as destroy them and the men who support such horrors.

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