Monday, July 09, 2007

Innovation, Art, Engineering & Fluff

I truly love art, especially the nitty-gritty portrayals of industrial and scientific subjects which are apparently at the core of the MU and MSOE collections noted in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's July 9th edition and to which those schools will pay a great deal of money to house.

I must ask myself: Does that investment of money have anything to further innovation and other engineering progress OR is such only an attempt by school officials to fluff up their "image" for people who understand neither engineering nor scientific-innovation?

I suspect the knowledge of engineering innovation in such an art museum official as was quoted; Thinking that it might have been better to approach a director of engineering at some such firm as GE medical as to the importance, to real engineers and innovators of such displays of art--Against the use of such moneys for scholarships or real research.

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