Friday, July 13, 2007

Please Travel To Cuba

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Community Columnist Nancy Bauer-King's July 13th offering, "America can be a better neighbor", supported (Among other things) allowing our citizens to more freely travel to Cuba. It may seem strange to those who know of me as a conservative, I do support her position for herself and those who share her positions---If, and only if, such travel is only on a one way basis to be followed by an application for Cuban citizenship. If Ms. Bauer-King does that and continues to speak out as is allowed to do in the USA, she will get the great opportunity to see more of Cuba than do most of the illegal travelers there---By a long-term and one-way visit to Castro's prisons and torture chambers.

If she is willing to post a performance bond as to such one-way travel, I am willing to contribute to her travel fund.

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