Saturday, July 07, 2007

Real Public Service For Congressmen, Etc.

Some time ago I wrote the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel against the views of an alleged military veteran whose unopposed anti-Iraq War column appeared in that paper--Perhaps as an advertisement for his upcoming book (Of fiction?). Now, let me put forth some even more radical ideas as to Congressmen, Editors, Ministers-of-Religion, Teachers and others who put forth their ideas as to military affairs and other matters of national or other public service.

I consider all such persons as UNQUALIFIED unless they have previously and honorably served for 20-plus months as a member of our Armed Forces, Coast Guard, in-the-field Peace Corps member, full-time fire fighter or peace officer OR in some other low paying job which reflects danger-to-self, truly public service and a willingness to sacrifice income, status and life to serve her/his fellow citizens or those of other nations. (I do NOT exempt lawyers or doctors or professors or clergy! However, I will provisionally accept as qualified such persons as John McCain or Jack Murtha, who may have been "inside the belt line" too long to remember the real meaning of their service.)

I am not quite ready to recommend that we limit the vote to such persons "qualified by public service" unless they are more than 30-years of age; But, I am thinking about it! I am closer to recommending such a pre-condition for election to the Congress or appointment to the judiciary or a cabinet level position in the President's administration---Especially as to National Defense posts.

We all should consider the question: Should every vote count OR should only qualified voters vote AND what qualifies a voter other than an accident of birth.

Iliuc ivi, illud feci

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