Monday, July 09, 2007

Blending With "Illegals"----NOT

After reading Ms. Pilar Melero's July 9th column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Immigration reform or not, cultures still will blend beautifully", I wonder how she plans to blend the fine immigrants described below into our culture, except that of prisons, TB hospitals and welfare programs---Where we already have enough of our citizens and legal immigrants.

Below you will find a sampling of those fine ("Illegal") immigrants she would welcome into the USA by not fully securing our border with Mexico..

These fine fellows include all drug smugglers, terrorists (As in the Ft. Dix gang), bearers of untreatable diseases (eg Drug resistant TB), members of very organized Latino gangs (Often previously deported), identity thieves, job thieves, welfare leaches, tax evaders, murderers and such like contributors to our nation's welfare.

As for myself, most citizens and most legal aliens, we do NOT wish to blend with a culture of under educated, criminal, diseased and economically under qualified violators of our democratically passed laws regarding immigration! I suggest that both Ms. Melero and your editors recognize that fact AND that all newspapers present more commentators who support reality rather than the rose hued concepts inflicted on us by such as that community columnist.

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