Friday, July 27, 2007

The PIG to the CONSTITUTION: Book Review

Gutzman, Kevin R. C. (J.D., Ph.D.)
The Politically Incorrect Guide To The Constitution
Regnery Publishing, Inc.; Washington, DC; 2007

DISCLAIMER #1: I am not an Attorney nor a professionally trained Political Scientist or Historian.

This book is NOT an "easy read"! By applying my academic and self education AND by stretching my mind I was able, I think, to understand the author's positions and reasoning. I expect that you will be able to do the same. It will be worth your time and effort to do so.

Dr. Gutzman takes a very confrontational and different view of our Constitution, history, the Courts, political movements, our laws and the like. I suspect that most will disagree with him on most of his points. However, even in such disagreement there is a reasonable expectation of new thoughts for old.

DISCLAIMER #2: I will not share my agreement or objections to Dr. Gutzman's positions with you; But, only give you a "taste" of them as provided here.

1. The greatest individual enemies of the Constitution in our history, based on their actions, were Chief Justice Marshall and President Lincoln.
2. The greatest collective enemies of the Constitution are most Federal judges and their Law Professor worshipers.
3. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution was NOT lawfully adopted.
4. The State of Texas was NOT lawfully admitted to the Union.
5. The "Separation Of Church And State" position of the Courts is basically an anti-Christian (Especially anti-Catholic) one based on a purposeful misinterpretation of a private letter by President Jefferson AND upon the hate philosophy and positions of the KKK as inflicted upon us by Justice Hugo Black.
6. The Southern States were legally justified in leaving the USA.
7. The States may establish official religions as the Constitution only prohibits the USA from doing so.

The above will give you a small part of Dr. Gutzman's mind provoking (If not mind warping) positions. Read, think, reflect!


Anonymous said...

"The 14th Amendment to the Constitution was NOT lawfully adopted."


kevin said...

Those who do not understand the points that Gutzman makes truly lack the understanding of what federalism is.
And to the poster who laughed at the 14th Amendment not being legally ratified…
The Union states via the federal government revoked the statehood of the confederate states and transformed them into military districts… (This was an unconstitutional military action)… then they made their return to statehood contingent upon their ratification of the 14th Amendment… (Question 1: How can a “non-state” ratify anything; question 2: how can an amendment that was “ratified” via coercion under threat of force be legitimate?)
Please cite anything in the constitution that would grant the federal government the power to do such a thing… you can’t, because such a power does not exist.