Wednesday, July 04, 2007

No General War On Islam? Why Not?

Since "9/11" many commentators have apparently agreed that there was no need to react to the many (Thousands, Millions?) of Muslims who wish to kill us and to destroy Western Civilization by declaring and executing a general war on Islam.

Why not?

After all all of Islam is in a perpetual state of self-declared war against all non-Muslims. This is an article of their Faith as Mohammed declared it to be a command from Allah and such are, for Muslims, no longer subject to those convenient changes which occurred during Mohammed's life.

Certainly, the 1400-year history of Islam provides ongoing (To this very day in such places as the Sudan, The Philippines, Thailand) of that war and the pre-war position of Muslims in the UK, Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan, Chechnya and too many other places to list here.

No, we are at war with Islam and no wishful thinking can make it otherwise. We will remain in that state-of-war as long as there are any sizable number of Muslims who believe they must obey the "sword verses" and other horrid teachings of Mohammed.

Among other things, we should consider all Muslims in the USA who do not publicly fore swear those teachings as either enemy aliens (Subject to expulsion from the USA or detention without appeal) or, if citizens, traitors (Subject to the death penalty for treason).


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