Monday, July 09, 2007

Holy See, Islam, Reality & Duty

The National Catholic Register's July 8, 2007 issue contained the following stories: "Gaza Horror: Christians Struggle To Survive" (Detailing the Islamic crimes against Christians and the Faith in the Gaza strip); "Ambassador Yelda Sets Record Straight: The Christians of Iraq Will Not Leave" (Providing information and disinformation as to the serious pressures under which the Faith exists in that land); And, most strangely, "Cardinal: Pope Shows Zeal for Dialogue" (In which Jean-Louis Cardinal Tauran claims that His Holiness is committed to dialogue with Muslims).

It appears most strongly that the Holy See has fallen out of contact with the real world as individuals and a collective as too many there neither are aware of such current events as was reported in the noted issue (Or as are occurring in such places as the Sudan, Turkey, Egypt, etc.) nor recall the lessons which should have been taught by 1400-years of Islamic attacks on the Faith by those following the unchangeable teachings of the Koran. Both represent a pathological illness or actual criminal conduct to the harm of the Faithful throughout the world and an abrogation of the duty of the Church to protect the children of God.

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