Sunday, July 15, 2007

History---Self-Defense Of Civilization

About the year 1200AD a sect (Called the "Cathars" or "Albigensians") began to control a large part of France. Its progress was fueled by a philosophy and practices which did not recognize the property rights of those who had spent their life forces earning those lands and goods AND that the world was, itself, evil. Had this sect been successful, it would have meant the end of the drive towards civilization and progress as was just beginning in the areas of law, trade, learning, practical charity and the like.

In suppressing this destructive and evil sect, it was necessary to mount military crusades when reason and reasoned arguments OR application of ordinary law (Which were ALL attempted first) failed to convince those others that their peers had property rights and the right to behave as if the world and the people and things within it were essentially good. The chief moral problem facing those crusaders was that it was impossible to determine, from outward appearance, which Frenchmen were members of this sect, supporters of it (For the sake of stealing others' property) OR were opposed to it and supporters of the essential truths of civilization.

The moral and ethics experts of that time came to the conclusion that, to save civilization, it was necessary to follow the principle of "Kill them all! Surely God knows which belong to Him!".

We now have in our communities groups of persons who hold to an equally dangerous, property-seizing and civilization-hating ideology called "Islam". Some (Such as the UK's terrorist physicians) dress as we do and we are unable to tell which follow the horrid teachings (Murder, rape, genocide, robbery, perpetual war with "unbelievers") of that sect and which do not. Even among those who dress in a distinctive, non-Western style, we cannot make that differentiation between those who intend to kill us and to destroy civilization VS. those who have remained away from the Evil teachings of that ideology called "Islam".

As reason, ordinary law and "political correctness" have failed to stop the loyal followers of Mohammed from evil deeds, how long must we wait before applying, as the only effective measure of self-defense, the crusader's moral choice to all Muslims? If that measure of self-defense is executed, blood will flow. The only question is: Our blood or that of the murderous, raping, genocidal followers of Islam?

I think there is little doubt that blood will flow in our streets in a Islam-VS.-Civilization war. Here, the only questions is "When?":.

Of course, we could first make a last moral decision and declare, by Statute and Constitutional Amendment (OR Act-Of-Parliament in the UK and like nations), that Islam is not a religion, but a criminal-terrorist movement and command that all of its followers leave the USA (OR, the UK and like nations)--Or be treated as those waging a self-declared war against the USA (OR, the UK and like nations) and be destroyed.

MECCA DELENDA EST--------------------DEUS VULT

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