Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stacked Deck Of Race Cards

The two July 10th "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel" stories under the headline "Courts faulted on race" provides false impressions of the Milwaukee and Racine County courts by withholding such information as: The proportion of Milwaukee County's minority residents who are ineligible for jury duty as they are either not citizens or are still serving sentences after felony convictions; And, the proportion (Whites VS. Blacks Vs. "Others") sentenced, in Racine County, to actual prison terms who have prior convictions, especially for assaultive offenses, or "read ins" of crimes not charged but admitted to by offenders.

The Racine County report also failed to note what was the impact of "aggravating" and "mitigating" factors in the noted sentences to prison on a basis of race.

I was unaware that the Federal Courts use a variety of "affirmative action" to give Blacks greater power than others by bypassing consideration of the above disqualification factors to set quotas (Falsely claimed to be goals) for minority representation on its juries. This is something that the Congress should look at and correct.

Judge Brennen was right to criticize the noted report; But, for the wrong reasons. The authority to manage the Courts is delegated to judicial officials by legislative bodies (Most of the members of such bodies are, for better or worse, attorneys) and NOT inherent in some special "legal competence" held by judicial officials.

Just as is the Federal juror selection process, the noted stories represent a stacked deck of race cards.

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