Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What? No Apologies?

Mr. David Sanders, a Catholic educator, was falsely accused and wrongfully convicted, in Milwaukee County, of "Sexual Assault Of A Child". At the July 17th court hearing releasing that victim of injustice from custody, Judge Jeffery A. Wagner dismissed him from custody with a very curt "Good luck sir.".

As the august representative of the Law and the People, Judge Wagner should have issued, from the bench, an abject apology to Mr. Wagner and the People on behalf of the Court, DA's office, the Jury and the police authorities involved in this miscarriage of justice.

It might be well for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to apologize for its unbalanced coverage of allegations against the clergy and other employees of the Catholic Church (As opposed to the essential non-coverage of like crimes by public school employees). That bias may have laid the groundwork for the two hour jury mis-finding of guilt in this case.

Judge Wagner was so sure of the validity of the original conviction that, at that time, he went out of his way to declare it a proper judgment.

We should remind him of that lack of his own good judgment if he chooses to run for reelection!

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