Sunday, July 15, 2007

Public Health Care Check List

For those who are considering the various proposals as to a government run health care program for Wisconsin, I suggest that they ask themselves:
1. What is the wait for various life saving or necessary quality of life (Non-cosmetic) surgeries in the USA VS. the "waiting list" Canadian and British programs;
2. Would most be happy with a government run medical program in the model of the VA hospitals, about which much has been written of late as to its "problems";
3. Would US citizens and legal immigrants be pleased with any such system which gives medical benefits to illegal aliens and those in the USA only for an education, both without any apparent intent to make long term contributions to our economy and our society;
4. How much of the money taken for any such program would be
spent on bureaucratic overhead-and-waste rather than real program benefits as is so common in all government programs (eg The Milwaukee Public Schools OR the University of Wisconsin);
5. Is there a way to make our present health care and pharmaceutical programs truly competitive and more efficient as an alternative to more government support of its own empire builders, bureaucratic leaches, time-servers, bought-or-leased politicians and the like?

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