Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Declaration Of Independence--New One Needed?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel should be thanked for reprinting our nation's Declaration Of Independence as its chief editorial page offering for July 4, 2007.

The People should read and re-read it (And our Constitution) on a regular basis---Especially when considering the excess use of Federal and State power as abuses parallel to those noted in that declaration.

In fact, we might wish to gather a "fair and balanced" work team (From both wings of our nation's present political thought) and present their rewrite of a "New Declaration Of Independence" addressing those excesses---With copies sent directly to our elected officials.

As expected, the comments of the editorial board on the same page contained an error-in-part. It was not documents which made our independence possible; But, it was the blood and lives expended and the pain suffered by those who paid the real and ongoing price of freedom from royal abuses, slave interests, Nazis and their like, Atheist Communist aggression and the 1400-year battle with those jihadi forces which would turn the entire world into a copy of medieval Arabia.

We should also recall that our Revolutionary War was begun by Citizens holding, as individuals and local associations, firearms and ammunition AND by the resistance to a government attempt to disarm them. Our elected officials should keep the same fact in mind.

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