Monday, June 04, 2007

With A Little Effort RE: Reverse Discrimination

"Why simple when, with a little effort, it can be made so beautifully complicated?" is a maxim used to make fun of any efforts to, among other things, kill a good idea with too many details.

In the case of the efforts made by some (eg Sen. Grothman) to restrict the use of "affirmative action" (ie Reverse Discrimination) within the University of Wisconsin (And other parts of our governments) , the offered solutions are a fine example of this form of misdirected effort.

If, and only if, the intent of the People is to move towards a race neutral America, as Dr. King apparently wished, the next step in that effort is to remove and destroy all laws and programs which give racial preferences of any kind. Our Civil War has been over and the basic equal rights amendments to the Constitution enacted more than140-years ago. "Jim Crow" is dead and buried. What racial distrust that is left is no more the fault of Whites than such "race pimps" (eg Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Eugene Kane, the Michael McGees) as make their livings by stirring up such mistrust.

THEREFORE, our State's laws and, if necessary, Constitution must be changed to outlaw within the University of Wisconsin and branches and levels of government in Wisconsin all preferences based on race, religion, place-of-national origin (For citizens and legal immigrants), etc..

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