Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Trial By Jury: M. McGee, Jr. & Georgia Thompson

My first reasoned thought upon hearing of the arrest of Alderman Michael McGee, Jr. was: Can he AND the People get a fair trial of the facts by a jury selected from the citizens of the Eastern District of Wisconsin (For the Federal charges) and from those of us in Milwaukee County for the State counts. Oh yes, the People as well as the defendant deserve a fair trial and the reasoned verdict of a jury acting without racial prejudice, of any variety, or other like wrongful factors. After all, it is the jury which should be (Where a jury trial is not waived) determining the fact of guilt or innocence in criminal cases in the USA and NOT some judge or judges.

It is too bad that the Federal Circuit Court Of Appeals did not hold to that most basic principle in the case of Georgia Thompson by their overturning of a jury's finding of facts. There is now this question as to the motivation of those judges: Where they somehow protecting Federal Judge Adelman, a fellow member of the "Old Boys' Club" of such jurists, whose family travel business may have received special favors through the actions of Ms. Thompson?

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