Sunday, June 10, 2007

On Presidential Pardons

Mr. E. J. Dionne, Jr.'s (Washington Post columnist) column, "To pardon or not to pardon", was published in my local paper on June 10, 2007. It focused on the case of "Scooter Libby, so much in the news of late.

It might have been good for Mr. Dionne to establish a base-line or bench-mark as to the use (Abuse?) of the presidential pardon power by Mr. Clinton who used (Abused?) it to set free some real, first-class, crooks and con-men. Pardoning Mr. Libby would be a justified act to correct an act of injustice, a too technical violation of law to warrant a prison term.

You should, however, first use that power to unconditionally pardon the two Border Patrol Agents who shot a repeater drug smuggler in the butt and were persecuted (NOT prosecuted) for doing so. I would also suggest that those two officers be returned to duty and instructed to shoot for the center of body mass in future like cases.

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