Monday, June 11, 2007

!Aprende Ingles!

Those Latinos and other immigrants who come (Legally or illegally) to the USA and refuse to make a maximum effort to learn English (And use maximum efforts to have their children do the same) are, at the least, foolish and perhaps pathologically self-destructive.

If nothing else, a good command of this nation's still-common language will turn away the eye of immigration authorities. Certainly, the number and quality (Pay and future) of jobs will be greater for those who command English. Such immigrants must remember that English is the greatest international tongue in business and science, with no others in the same class and that the very best jobs in those areas are and will be limited to those who express themselves fluently in our and the world's common language.

Yes, revere and respect the speech and culture of your ancestors; But, make a firm commitment to learn the best of American culture, which includes the best forms of English and our good laws and customs.


Michael J. Mathias said...

What's your evidence that immigrants don't want to learn English and won't let their children? Research into this issue has pointed to the same pattern: First generation immigrants usually learn just enough to get by(which makes them better off than most Americans). Children of immigrants are typically bilingual. Grandchildren of immigrants usually don't speak their grandparent's language at all. As this pattern has played out, this country has become one of the richest and most powerful in history. What's the problem?

Anonymous said...

You are wrong Michael J. My parents were immigrants and they went to night school to learn English. Legal immigrants really try to learn English. I was at Sam's Club today and overheard Indians speaking English, Europeans speaking English, Asians speaking English. However, the Latinos were all speaking Spanish. I really believe that this is irritating to the legal immigrants. I speak three languages and I really like cultural exchanges.
But, when you are in my country and don't even try to speak English, this is an affront to all the immigrants who came before you.