Friday, June 01, 2007

No Surprises On TB

Americans should not be surprised that: The man who endangered many people, throughout the world, by his travels while a carrier of drug resistant TB, was an attorney who is specially sworn to uphold the laws, including those which restricted his travels; That his federal employee father-in-law (A TB researcher!) , who apparently failed to report that criminal conduct, works for an agency that is dedicated to protecting the health of Americans; That one of our border control federal agents failed to obey instructions on restricting that attorney's travels; And, that public officials and the media do not bring to our special attention just how bad a TB epidemic (Once known as the "White Death", a proper description of a plague only slightly less dangerous than the "Black Death") can be to a population not resistant or alerted to that dangerous disease.

Americans should also NOT be surprised when: That attorney is NOT disbarred or criminally charged for "endangerment"; His father-in-law is NOT disciplined for his ethical misbehavior; The noted federal officer is NOT fired; And, most importantly, when the open borders supporters in the White House and the Congress refuse to acknowledge the fact of the dangerousness of such diseases and that thousands of such bearers of untreatable diseases are flooding the USA as illegal immigrants, preferring to bow down before the special interests and political contributors who make money by using such "illegals".

Americans should also not be surprised when their local and state tax rates go up to expand or reopen TB-hospitals and if they or some friend or family member is afflicted with that horrid disease---As a direct result of our Governments failure, for the last 25-years, to secure our borders.

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