Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Register Axes !

My June 5th newspaper brought the news of a youth striking his father with an ax. Such weapons are a great hazard to the public safety (As many claim for firearms) and the following steps must be taken by the Congress and the Legislature.
1. All axes must be registered.
2. No one under 21-years of age is to be allowed to purchase
such a weapon and all buyers of such must be checked out
for prior criminal convictions and mental health commitments
as well as current domestic violence matters.
3. If such military weapons (Look to the movie Brave Heart for
examples of military applications) cannot be removed from
all homes, they must have the heads and handles separated and
those parts kept locked up. The same should hold for autos.
4. No axes must be allowed on campuses (Even those teaching
forestry subjects) as such will prevent insane or criminal persons
from using them to harm students and staff. The same should
be enforces for such public events as sports shows and lumber
jack contests except where state licensed ax specialists are

Of course, there are those who claim that axes do not cause death or injury and only the people who mis-use them are so responsible; But, we know better!

NOTE BENE: It appears that my advise was not followed in Wisconsin as 2011 brought yet another such ax attack!

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