Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Two Wrongs On "Gays" In Military

General Peter Pace's anti-gays-in-military "moral" position was as wrong as the New York Time' (Reprinted in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; June, 12, 2007) as to (Male) homosexuals in the Military. Both ignore that such are no more than disease vectors who bring AIDS, TB and other physical diseases into a crowded environment, thus decreasing the effectiveness of our military through increasing the danger to other troops through preventable illnesses AND bringing unneeded costs to the tax payers by long term costs of medical treatment for veterans.

Ms. Dowd is wrong in labeling this a political (GOP) issue.
However, her typical anti-GOP, New York Times and insult to fair journalism bias is not a surprise.


ps--- Ms Dowd should be corrected as to her usage: The corrected term is NOT
"homophobia", as based on a word for fear; But,"homoaidia" based on the
word for "revulsion" or "disgust"

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