Saturday, June 02, 2007

Whose Rights ???

It appears than once homosexuals are given special protections under the law (As now exist in the UK and as proposed for the USA) their next step an attempt to take away the true rights to free speech and the "free exercise of religion" from other people. This is demonstrated by the current, homosexual driven, efforts in the UK to disestablish Catholic Schools and the teachings they maintain as correct as to sexual morality. (In some nations teachers and ministers-of-religion have been punished by their governments for speaking out on this subject--It could happen here.)

Then, there are the Muslim youths who, having been given all of the rights of citizenship or legal-alien residency in the USA, state that it is proper to use homicide bombings to deprive other of their most basic right-to-life.

Both of the above examples are logical extensions of giving minorities special status (As in "Affirmative Action") above that which either Natural Law or established Bill-Of-Rights like civil law give to all people.

British Catholic Schools Targetted For Refusing to Implement School
�anti-homophobic� Bullying Policies
Prominent gay activist group says "Catholic Church should be stripped
of its educational establishments"

By Hilary White
Catholic schools in Britain are under attack by the government at the
urging of homosexual lobbyists for refusing to bow to pressure to
implement �anti-homophobic� bullying policies in schools. A report
by a
Commons Select Committee to the Department for Education and Skills
singles out Catholic schools for refusing to implement regulations...

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