Saturday, June 02, 2007

Science And Islam---Lies Upon Lies

The most recent issue of Discover magazine contained an article entitled "Science And Islam" which attempted to demonstrate that Islam was and is a force in science.

Yes, there was a short period in history when scholars in Muslim nations (Although, not necessarily orthodox Muslims or even Muslims) were able to transmit the knowledge of India, China, Classical Greece and pre-Islamic Egypt and Mesopotamia to others including Europeans who were rising out of a clouded era sometimes known as the "Dark Ages". There may have even been a few Arab-Muslims who used that borrowed knowledge and even added to it some, isolated, incremental facts and skills. Once that transmittal was complete Islam regressed to its primitive and aggressive Faith while the (Catholic-Christian) universities of the West exploded with thinkers, new ideas, inventions and laid the base of the industrial and scientific ages---Even with some short-term errors as in the doubtful case of Galileo.

Yet, every time some Muslims begin to vary from the teachings of Mohammed (rihf) or begin to question those teachings or the derived logic-and-conclusions of the orthodox, they were and are suppressed---Even unto death. If you doubt that, ask yourself "Where are the "Moderate Muslims" who will openly, without reservation and very firmly condemn those teachings of Islam which encourage or allow, if not mandate, the use of murder, rape, genocide, robbery, perpetual war, inferior treatment of all non-Muslims and all women?"
Why, they do not appear in the public forum as to do so would condemn them to being cut off from their community and, very likely, life itself by execution of a fatwa death sentence.

You might also ask yourself where are the Muslim Nobel Prize winners in medicine or the hard sciences, the only Muslim Nobel Laureate being an Egyptian novelist. You might look, mostly in vain, for break through inventions patented or coming out of Muslim nations. (In fact, it appears that the only Islamic interest in technology is in such weapons as can be used to attack others; Wealthy Arabs being forces to come to the West for good medical care).

The problem Islam has with science is NOT a matter of politics and economics (As George Saliba of Columbia U. would have us falsely believe), but of the anti-thinking positions of the Mullahs, the Saudi family/government (They are the same) and such like as would keep Islam and the World where is was 1400-years ago except for weapons and such toys as please them.

The noted article does not appear to even be good history, let alone worthy of a place in a journal which claims to focus on "Science, Technology And The Future" (As opposed to Islam's focus on primitive faith, violence and the past). It was, in my opinion, another one of those pro-Islam "poof pieces" becoming all too common in too many publications---Which, in turn, makes me wonder as to what special inducements or pressures were used to inflict this propaganda on that magazine and its readers.

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