Friday, June 08, 2007

Shame At U-Wisconsin

So--The UW Regents are targeting employee misconduct in the administration of the student loan scams. The real shame of this is that UW hires and retains staff who lack the moral education and judgment to know, by instinct or reasoning, that such conduct is wrong, immoral and essentially criminal.

That lack of proper thinking and behavior extends to UW's President, who improperly diverted funds to his mansion's housekeeping operations, a Vice-Chancellor who fraudulently misused State credit cards, too many other cases of UW staff misconduct to list here AND to the Regents themselves who have failed to bring criminal charges and civil court recovery efforts against those shameful persons.

As the UW Regents have failed, in the past, to enforce the rule-of-law as to that schools administrators, what reasonable expectation do we have that they will enforce any new rules (Except those directed against students)?

Now---What will be done to correct the above and basic weakness as to the quality of persons who direct the use AND mis-use of tax payer and student/parents' money and trust.

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