Monday, June 25, 2007

The EU & European Masonry

It has been claimed that about 60% of the members of the EU Parliament are Masons. If that is true, it may explain the lack of any acknowledgment, in the previously proposed and since defeated EU Constitution, of the value and worth of Christianity to the real foundations and the best of the culture of Europe. Why? Because European Masons are very typically anti-Catholic and, to only a slightly less extent, generally anti-Christian. It appears that many of the "leaders" of the EU are among the supporters of the secular-progressive ideal of a EU operated by bureaucrats for bureaucrats (Perhaps under the oversight of Masons), all with a elitist distrust of democracy.

That distrust and support of the EU bureaucratic model is expressed most clearly by recent efforts to bypass the noted defeat, by democratic vote, of that Constitution and enact-and-enforce its provisions by other, NOT approved by voters, methods.

Of course, this assumed effort by European Masons works in parallel with the efforts of Islam to also attack and destroy the
Catholic-Christian roots, civilization and institutions of Europe. Islam is, itself, very anti-Christian and anti-democracy.

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