Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Long Term Benefits By Withdrawing From Iraq

Are we, in the USA, ready for the long-term results of a national withdrawal from intervening in the Middle East and, for that matter, in Black Africa? What would those long term effects be?

Well, we could them have sufficient troops to protect our borders from invasions by terrorists, gang-bangers, bearers of untreatable diseases (eg Drug resistant TB), job thieves, welfare leaches, identity thieves and such like scum.

Then, we could expect a flood of truly believing Christians as driven out of Islamic lands who we should welcome as we welcomed Jews and other refugees from religious persecution in the past to the great enrichment of our nation. We could also expect many to flee the racially biased and corrupt Black governments of sub-Saharan Africa as such Boers and others would provide us with a new surge of literate, technically educated and free enterprise loving citizens.

Perhaps, withdrawal from Iraq could be of an excellent and long term benefit to the USA.

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