Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Balancing Rights--Press & Others

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's June 26th editorial, "A horrible ruling", criticized the June 25th US Supreme Court ruling which edited out parts of the McCain-Feingold campaign law. Strangely enough I may agree with that position in support of protecting the voters from unwarranted and biased, pre-election, attempts of some special interest groups to influence them.

In fact, I suggest that all newspapers and magazines be subject to the same (60-days before general elections) restrictions unless their publishers, major stock holders, editors and political reporters disclose: All political contributions made by them within the last four years; All organizations and associations to which they belong and the contributions made to them during the same period; All commercial holdings of stocks and other properties held by them at during those four years; And, other like information as might tend to inform the voter readers of any possible biases in published opinions as to candidates, political parties and election issues.

What? Would some consider this a violation of Constitutional provisions as to "freedom of the press"? All might consider that others view freedoms of speech, association, "free exercise of religion" (Without the government determining what is religious speech) and the ultimate right of keeping and bearing arms. all as important as that given to the press.

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