Friday, November 23, 2007

One Civilization---Divisible

It is well past the time for all to put away the loaded and cheating decks of race and class cards, all Jokers, and look at our nation and world in terms of which parts (Persons, families, neighborhoods, nations) are civilized and which are not, in whole or in part. Which of them behave or attempt to behave in the building of civilization by supporting the necessary pyramid on its necessary base of order, surmounted by law and then, and only then and if the bottom layers are stable, the crowning glory of justice?

Which families work together for the common good of all and, most specially, the ordered, law respecting, educated and civilized behavior and long-lived future of their children? Which set an example of lawlessness, bad manners, crime, life-endangering behaviors? In which neighborhoods do the people know and respect each others, looking after all the children and maintain an neat and safe environment for all? In which neighborhoods does hate, filth and fear rule? Which nations show, by public and private charities, their concern for others and use the force of police and military only to suppress the enemies of all humanity---Thugs, terrorists, those engaged in genocide and all offenders against law, order and justice? Which nations plan aggressive wars, commit genocide against their own citizens and attempt to upset, by hateful words and actions the peaceful lives of others?

In terms of cultures, which support (From the family to all the nations) law, order, charity, knowledge and learning, such individual freedoms as do not kill or injure or cripple others and, though all those actions and conditions, that structure of order, law and justice?
On the other hand, which ideologies and cultures support murder, rape, genocide, war as much as a goal as as a means, unequal or hate-filled treatment of persons based on race, Faith, sex and other like human factors?

Therefore, evaluate people as to which path, civilized or other, that they select as to their family, neighborhood, political-national and international-ideological choices. Look to the words they speak, the books they use to base their lives on and their behaviors---Both in the theories and acts of their lives. Allow room for that all-too-human record of failures; But, examine both intent and attempts.


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