Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas, Atheism & The Public Forum

A considerable part of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's December 23, 2007 "Crossroads" (ie Editorial) section was devoted to comments and a debate on Christmas and the place of religion in the public forum, places and politics.

What was missed by the contributers is that Atheism is a religion, based on the theological premise "There is neither God nor gods", and (If I remember correctly) declared a religion by Wisconsin's Supreme Court. Therefore, governmental decisions removing the signs and statements of other religions from display in public places are acts establishing Atheism as the State Religion and a violation of the Constitution of the USA and that of most (If not all) parallel State constitutions.

If Atheists wish to compete with other religions, they should and must do so without unconstitutionally using the power of the State.

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paratrooper said...

Lib/Dems place more emphasis on political correctness than truth, no questions about that! May God bless you in you efforts to bring truth to your blog page, Merry Christmas!
James Bremner