Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Agendas & Hobby Horses

The letter below was sent to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (And many others) on this day.It applies to most of the newspapers and other media in the USA (And, probably more so in other nations).


I have been accused of having an "agenda" (Or, agendas) and of riding to intellectual death my "hobby horse" (Or, horses). After some, very little, time spent in introspection, I confess that this is true. To be more honest, I here list the pride of my stable as make up my agenda chariot-team.

1. That Islam always reverts to its basic teachings which encourage or allow, if not command the use of murder, rape, genocide, robbery, anti-democracy, and perpetual war with unbelievers; All to satisfy the sexual, power seeking and over-developed sense of self-worth of its members AND should, therefore, be considered for, those basic believers, much more of a criminal-terrorist movement than a religion.
2. The People, as individuals or groups, cannot rely on the force of law (At a local or national or international level) and law enforcement authorities (Police or national armies or international peace keepers) to protect them from criminals AND, therefore, have an absolute right to the ready access to the means (Modern firearms) to execute their Natural Law rights to self-defense and the defense of family, friends, neighbors and the property that was earned at the cost of labor and time.
3. Property, in fact, represents that part of a human life expended to earn it and every theft or robbery is a "little murder", which can be rightfully resisted by the use of deadly force.
4. That NO scientific or social or economic or journalistic or military or any other position or theory or practice is beyond questioning;
5. That the study of history, to avoid being condemned to repeat it, has a critical place in any consideration of current events and problems.
6. That your newspaper and most elements of the USA's media are governed by their own agendas and hobby-horses, biased as described below and fanatically resistant to criticism and correction.

What then are your agendas and hobby-horses? Among them are those listed below.

A. Islam, despite its anti-civilization and unalterable teachings AND the behaviors of millions of its followers over the last 1400-years and to this day in such places as the Darfur, is a "religion of peace".
B. Criminals should not be resisted by the People, who should not have the means (Guns) to do so.
C. Only newspapers and, to a lesser extent, broadcast media and the authors of books, should have full free-speech rights under the US Constitution and then only if they meet certain, "politically correct" standards as changed over time until the 1960s, when they were frozen-in-time and in the minds of publishers and editors.
D. Certain financial interests (In your case the unfettered and insane expansion of Waukesha County without regard to its own water supplies and other environmental concerns) deserve preferential treatment.
E. That is is easier to waste space on over-sized headers, print "bites" (Which tell the reader nothing not in other parts of each day's edition), often biased AP stories, over-sized photos and "art work" than to recruit differing opinions and hire-and-pay sufficient and experiences reporters---All without, as far as I can tell, cutting the pay of such executives as are responsible for the operations and failures of your paper.
F. That some issues are, by current consensus (eg. The Sun rotates around the Earth; Human activities have a meaningful impact on global climate change) are beyond question.
G. History only extends back one month---Unless the following topic is involved.
H. That whatever is wrong (eg Weather, traffic jams, failures in or only partial military/diplomatic successes, the quality of your lunch, the fact you have a hangover) with your world must be blamed on President George W. Bush.

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