Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Critical Mass & Muslims

During the early days of A-bomb research two scientists gently pushed together two blocks of Uranium-238 causing them to reach "critical mass", then spewing out radiation which resulted in their horrid deaths . Of course, when two such masses of that material are slammed together, a Hiroshima level explosion occurs.

It appears, from both history and current events, that when the percentage of Muslims in a general population reaches a certain "critical mass" what is spewed out from such Islamic communities is hate towards others AND retail and wholesale violence of all varieties towards both "moderate Muslims" and non-Muslims, and most specially against Jews. This violence shows itself in threats, economic intimidation, rape, riots, arson, bombings, retail murder and (As in the Darfur region of The Sudan) genocide.

When masses of such Islamic "true believers" slam against each other (As in Palestine or Iraq) or non-Muslims (As in the Sudan or the Philippines), the explosion of war is a frequent outcome.

The reasons for these phenomena lies in the teachings of the Koran, the nature of mass movements and the reluctance of non-Muslims to exercise their Natural Law rights to self-defense, even if such requires the use of deadly force or such methods of rooting out terrorists as "water boarding", all on a "them or us" basis.

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Saladin said...

Wow! Another Curr de Lion, willing to commit atrocities!