Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Spanish Martyrs Of The 1930s

The Church recently canonized 498 Spanish men and women murdered for the Faith during the 1930s. The ceremony was held in Rome rather than in now socialist-secular Spain with its present and anti-Faith government.

The people of Gothic Spain were witnesses to the Faith (In part due to too many of them falling away from morality and orthodoxy) under the swords of those "Sons Of The Prophet" who closely followed Mohammed's permission or encouragement, if not commands, to use murder, rape, genocide, robbery and perpetual war with "unbelievers" to further the goals of Islam and of greedy and sex-obsessed Muslims. This continued until that year-of-sanity, 1492AD, when the last of those terrorists were driven out of Iberia.

The People of Christian Spain, in the1930s, were subject to the punishment derived from electing a anti-religious and essentially anti-freedom "republican" (ie Socialist-Communist) government in parallel with the like inflictions made in Mexico and in anticipation of the election of Adolf Hitler's Socialist-Nazi Party in Germany---And with the same and horrid price being paid in all three nations.

The Spaniards of today appear to have NOT learned from their nation's history and are beginning to feel the effects of their own departure from Catholic teachings, drift into the "Viva Yo!" mentality of this era's self-indulgent generation and election of an anti-religious and socialist government. The first of the new martyrs, suffering bloody death by dismemberment and other mutilations, are the unborn Spaniards being aborted. Unless the People of Spain overcome the totalitarian government of this day and return to a disciplined way-of-life, they can expect more adult martyrs as recently canonized in Rome.

The lesson of those martyrs and the choices of the People apply to the USA, the UK and all of once Christian Europe---And to many lands beyond them.

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