Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Real Republican Candidate Still Needed

Dear Fellow Republicans:

I am still waiting for at least one of our Party's candidates for election to the presidency to clearly state that, immediately upon taking office, he will:
1. Begin to veto each-and-every Bill sent to him by the Congress containing "pork" and "ear-marks" and all bills requiring federal borrowing (Except for national defense) to balance the budget;
2. Immediately order that all persons illegally entering the USA at other than approved points-of-entry will be considered as invaders and will use the regular military, National Guard, Border Patrol and, if necessary, the General Militia to enforce that order by any-and-all means needed to stop that flood of drug smugglers, terrorists, job thieves, gang-bangers, identity thieves and other like scum now corrupting our land and draining our nation's wealth;
3. Issue the necessary order(s) to declare that all organizations or movements with teachings and historically demonstrated practices which encourage, or command, the use of crimes (Murder, rape, robbery, genocide, enslavement, and perpetual-violent aggression towards others) will be considered "Criminal Organizations" as is the Mafia, Cosa Nostra, KKK and like organizations; And,
4. Declare that all adult-citizens (Except those with assaultive crime convictions and those dangerously, mentally, ill) have the right to the ready means, by the keeping and bearing of arms, to execute their rights to self-defense and the defense of family, friends and neighbors in their homes or going about their lawful activities in other places.

One of the reasons our Party did so poorly in the last General Election is that it has become homogenized with the "other Party" and the one-time differences of fiscal conservatism, individual rights, standing up for order, protection of the nation against domestic and foreign enemies have all become secondary, to most Republican leaders, to short-term (Too often personal) gains through "political correctness" and buying off special interests.

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