Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Old & New Covenants VS. Islam

The "Old Law" was an agreement, a contract, between God and His People Israel, who were specially selected among those made in His likeness for special treatment and place among humans. Although the Jews and the rest of us are certainly not equal to God, the covenant relationship is based on the respect-and-worship owed Him and the respect He gave to Israel and, through that nation, to all who accept Him.

The Old Law continues in Christianity as the same respect exists in it and, much more specially, in the Divine Love given to us and the love we are asked, along with respect and worship, to give to the Almighty.

I point out that the Pagans have not that respect or love from their gods. I also have pointed out that Mohammed's Allah demands and commands his slaves to obey him, showing no respect nor love nor mercy to them---Or, even more so, those who are outside of Islam.

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