Monday, December 31, 2007

Hundreds Of Ignorant People VS War

The hundreds of individuals who undersigned the "Sisters Witness Against War": advertisement (In the January 6, 2008 issue of the National Catholic Register) seem intent on publicly proclaiming their ignorance as to the teachings of our Church as specially regards killing and war.

1. The Fifth Commandment is properly translated as, "Thou shall not murder" (Emphasis added), using a very different Hebrew word than that/those used for other forms of killing.
2. St. John the Baptist did not instruct the soldiers who approached him to give up their killing trade; But, only to NOT practice extortion.
3. Jesus the Christ noted the great faith of the Centurion, without condemning his deadly profession.
4. Later, that great "Doctor Of The Church", St. Bernard of Clairvaux,
noted (In his De Laude Novae Militae) that it was sometimes necessary to strike deadly blows for Christ (And His People) against their foes--At that time and in these times the followers of the false prophet Mohammed (Or the secular equivalents as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao and those other agents of the Evil One).
5. Without acts-of-war those ignorant signers would have ended up in Muslim harems or as "comfort women" for the Imperial Japanese Army or sent up the smoke stacks of Nazi death camps.
6. Evil continues to exist in this world and it is up to right thinking and right acting AND armed persons (As individuals or such armies as now combat Islamic terrorists in the same spirit as the Crusaders praised by St. Bernard) to combat it as a duty to God and His People.
7. To paraphrase: Such advertisements as that noted above subtract from the sum-total of human knowledge.

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