Thursday, December 27, 2007

Why Was Bhutto Murdered?

Why was Benazir Bhutto murdered? No doubt there will be many interesting, convoluted, learned and like proposed answers based on the politics of Pakistan, international tensions in the Middle East and like secular formats --And they will all be wrong!

Pakistan's President, Pervez Musharraf, had no need to dispose of Ms. Bhutto as he has shown himself quite capable of using much more subtle methods to impose his will on his nation. In fact, the only forces which have previously threatened her and attempted to kill her were those groups, such as Al Qaeda, which support the basic teachings of Islam as to earthly governments.

The teachings of the Koran, Hadith (The collected sayings of Mohammed) and Islam's laws (Sharia) all are opposed to democracy as they maintain that only Allah's rule and laws are allowable: As interpreted by whichever Mullahs or Caliphs or other like persons acquire the power to impose-and-inflict those teachings on the world. This is the basis of all such attacks on persons supporting democracy in nations where Muslims form a majority or large-minority of the population! Any analysis, based on secular principles, will fail the tests of history and prediction.

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