Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Guns, Citizens, Police & Rational Thinking

The following letter was sent on Dec. 11, 2007.


First, anyone who is of the opinion that it would be possible to take away all firearms (Even just all handguns) from Americans is in need of therapy for delusional thinking. Such therapy wold be even more required for anyone who believes that criminals would obey any such gun confiscation laws and efforts---Let alone those citizens who have concluded, as did the staff of the US Attorney General, that the right to keep and bear arms is an right of individual citizens and not one limited to members of now non-existent militias.

Secondly, all should note the following:
1. The mass murderer at a Colorado missionary school was killed and stopped by an armed, under that State's just laws, citizen and not by police.
2. The like killer at a same-state mall was enabled in his massacre of our fellow citizens by laws and mall-regulations which made that place a theoretical "gun free zone", which made it into a "free fire zone" for a crazed killer.
3. The victims at Virginia Tech and Columbine High School were, in truth, the victims of like "gun free zone" laws, even in State's where citizens generally have the right to CCW (With the inside police officer at the high school apparently running away from danger).
4. The killings at another Virginia university were halted by two students who used their firearms to stop and arrest a killer, even though that beneficial act was delayed by those students having to retrieve their pistols from their autos, the police not being in evidence.
5. In Milwaukee it was armed security guards who shot to death two thugs who fired, from the outside, at the patrons of a well regulated club, the police not being present to protect citizens.
6. In Milwaukee County one unarmed pizza delivery man is murdered by two thugs after another, but armed, such delivery man shoots an "instant socialist" who attempted to take away the product of his honest labor.

Any person with a rational mind should be able to see the pattern as illustrated by the above examples and come (Be forced?) to the conclusion that: Citizens can NOT rely on the police to protect them from killers and other very dangerous criminals; That "gun free zones" (Like the entire State of Wisconsin) are only "free fire zones" for dangerous criminals; And, police objections to CCW are not due to any interest in the safety of their fellow citizens, but only to make their job (Of cleaning up after killings and other crimes) easier and safer for those police officers.

Respectfully submitted,
James Pawlak

PS---The logical person might wish to take note of the recent
conviction-and-sentencing of the civil rights violating
police officers in the Frank Jude, Jr. case, today's
news as to the trial of another like officer who beat, in a
Church, a man already hand-cuffed.AND the not so long
ago and Storm Trooper attack on the employees and
clients of the El Rey store. The logical person might
conclude that disarming all but police officers might be
a special case of "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws
will have guns".

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