Thursday, June 06, 2013

US Attorney Attacks Critics Of Islam

Will Mr. "Bill" Killian (US Attorney for the Eastern District Of Tennessee) become Mr. B. H. Obama's next Attorney General. His ability to mix outright lies with "half-truths/half-lies", towards harming the USA and destroying truth seems to qualify him for that position.

Mr. Killian has recently been quoted as stating: That publishing "Media Posts" "trashing" Muslims may violate their civil rights (And hinted at prosecution for doing so); That Islam is "the same" as such religions as are protected by the Bill Of Rights; That the First Amendment to the Constitution was to prevent Christians from abusing power against other religions as was the case in Britain before the first American Revolution; That some of the nicest people he has met have been Muslim; That there have been terrorists other than Muslims; And, there must be more "reaching out" to Muslims.

1.  Mr. Killlian has forgotten the protections given "free speech" by the First Amendment; And, that truth (eg About the teachings and history of Islam) is an absolute defense against slander, libel and other such crimes-and-torts (Except as present such a clear-and-present danger as falsely crying "FIRE!" in a crowded theater).  Of course his "Maximum Leaders" have not shown much regard for any constitutional protections for their political-and-policy opponents.
2. Islam is not like other religions still active in the world (A, B & C).  Its murderous teachings and practices are more like the now defunct "religions" of the pre-conquest Aztecs of Mexico or the Kali worshiping Thugee of India based on like practices of murdering other people and stealing from them.
3. The "free exercise of religion" clause of the First Amendment was established only to prevent only the Federal Government from establishing a State Church as was the "Established Church" in England, the "Kirk" in Scotland, the Lutheran Churches in Northern-Western Europe, The Orthodox Church in Russia, The Catholic Church in other parts of Europe and, for that matter, Islam in the Turkish Empire.  As a matter-of-fact some of the Several States maintained official churches into the 1820s.In England and the most of the other Christian Nations of Europe the number of Jews and, certainly, Muslims were so small to be statistically meaningful. The noted official churches used law to insure that only their church was "in charge". Mr. Killian gets an "F" in History and truthfulness.
4.  It appears that Mr. Killian has met only one sub-population of Muslims. If he believes that they are "Moderate Muslims" he,or someone defending against some civil-rights persecution, should ask them, on the record and in public, to meet my reasonable definition of that term (D). I do wonder if
Mr. Killians' views about Muslims would be different if he had: Been in New York's Twin Towers on "9/11"; In a certain place in Fort Hood when Nidal Hasan committed his treason and murders; Personally viewed the mutilated bodies of young girls victimized in "honor killings"; Been walking about Dearborn (Michigan) when Muslims, supported by the local, Sharia enforcing police, attacked Christians in a public place; And, the many thousands of like Islamic acts, following the Jihad commands of the Koran as require every Muslim male to "go on Jihad" or "support it with all their wealth" (Which last phrase might give the reader a hint as to the end-destination of moneys given to "Muslim Charities").
5. Yes, there have been other terrorists in the USA (eg By the now defunct KKK,  the very active Black gangs who are now involved in the "knock down game" in many American cities. Latino drug lord supported kidnapping gangs and "hit squads"). But, the fact is that the great majority of terrorism in our world is inflicted by Muslims following the perpetual commands of the Koran.
6. Mohammed (Of Mecca & Medina;The inventor of Islam) declared perpetual war against all "unbelievers" until they either became Muslims or abjectly accepted the slave-like state some call Dhimmitude. (Lest I, you and Mr. Killian forget: Even today Muslim clerics approve of physical slavery and Muslims practice it in some Muslim ruled nations.)  That declaration-of-war continues to this day, is demonstrated by Muslims' attacks on the USA and its troops and other citizens. Since the death of that fellow Mohammed, that command cannot be changed or abrogated.
7. Therefore, any US citizen who performs any act (eg Contributing moneys which end up in the hands of those Jihadists attacking Americans, at home or abroad, meets the constitutional definition in its Article-III, Section-3 of TREASON (F)! Any citizen who aids such persons commits the same crime.
8. As to "reaching out" to Muslims, the very hard lessons of history provide instruction that there is only one style of communications (G) which has proved effective with Muslims.
9. The only nation which has taken effective action in eliminating the considerable threat of Islam against The Nation was Spain which, in 1492AD, expelled all Muslims from Iberia. This is another hard lesson of History.

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