Thursday, June 13, 2013

FBI = Federal Bureau Of ISLAM

From recent and reliable reporting, it appears that the FBI has become the "Federal Bureau of Islam" under the misguidance of Director Robert (aka Abdul)  Mueller. Mr. Mueller appears to have fallen into a state of dhimmitude (A word he should look into as a mirror).
  1. All Muslims are required to go on Jihad (Which is a military-combat occupation and not some form of spiritual self-improvement) or “support it with all their wealth” . Every Muslim or Islamist organization (Including the “Muslim Brotherhood” and CAIR) which cleaves to the teachings of Islam is either involved in terrorist actions (ie Jihad) or at a high level of personal/organizational preparation for such anti-civilization actions.
    As in the case of the traitor Nidal Hasan (Of Fort Hood infamy) no believing adult male Muslim can be trusted . There are no “Moderate Muslims”! There are only true-believing Muslims and all other people. If you doubt me,then apply (In public and before witnesses, on the record) the test provided at below.
  2. Islam is not a religion! It is a criminal-terrorist movement with a very thin veneer of religiosity.
    Islam's not-nice teachings were given at Media after that fellow Mohammed had gained military and political power. Those horrid teachings are noted in other places in this blog..
          Islam is certainly very, very, different from the true monotheistic religions of the world as likewise noted.
          Even President John Q. Adams understood the differences between Christianity (The base upon which Western Civilization has been built) and Islam as noted in this blog
  3. With the loose and intricate inter-relations between the various terrorist organizations, the FBI does not have any proofs that Al Queda was not involved in the noted bombings; Probability theory supports some sort of relationship.
  4. The “overall tenor” of the presentation was not “too informal”, but too close to the truth.
  5. Abdul (ie “Slave”) Mueller (And all) need to consider what is a “Mosque” . In addition to that presentation, it should be remembered that: Mosques are those places where the horrid teachings of Islam) are pounded, again and again, into the brains of those there (Which might explain the increase in native-born US Citizens who attack others in the name of Islam); And, some Mosques (Or their out-buildings) have been arsenals).
  6. Asserting that the Koran is the collection of the “revealed work of God is: A support of a particular religion in violation to this era's legal status of the “separation of church and state, a crime or tort under various statutes; And, not supported by history as there is only the word of Mohammed for that assertion.
  7. Our experience with terrorist is that: Most of the terrorism in today's world comes out of Islam's teachings-and-practices; And, most of the active Islamist terrorists are, in fact, youths (eg The Boston bombers) from the Middle East or Islam dominant neighboring lands.
  8. Islamic militancy” is most often expressed by violent acts from mass murder to assaulting persons who inadvertently photograph Muslim females.
  9. Islam's war (Jihad) against “unbelievers” was declared perpetual by Mohammed until all humans either join Islam or abjectly accept the slave-like state some call dhimmitude. That war continues to this day against 99% of Americans. Supporting that war, by supporting Islam appears to meet the definition of Article-III, Section-3 of the Constitution---For TREASON.

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