Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Partial History Of Federal Attacks On Rights

All politicians and citizens should know that the purpose of the Second Amendment was to give every citizen (Each a member of the "General Militia") to have such firearms as were equal to those issued to regular, federal, soldiers. That constitutional requirement is still in effect. All should be aware of President Jefferson's comments on guns, free men and government as reproduced below.

If you are under the illusion that our national government is incapable of tyranny, you might consider:
1. The forced and racist removal of the Cherokee from their lands by such a dictator as President Jackson;
2. The imprisonment and other persecution of those opposed to World War-I by Democrat President Wilson;
3. The racist and forced internment of loyal Americans of Japanese ancestry by Democrat President F. D. Roosevelt;
 4. The murder of an unarmed woman, holding her infant child, at Ruby Ridge (Under President G. W; H. Bush who may or may-not known of the irregular "rules of engagement of the FBI for that incident, being a "kill first and ask questions later operation);
5. The mass murder of unarmed women and children at the Branch Davidian compound under the administration of Democrat William Clinton; And,
6.  The ongoing violations of our democratically passed laws by Democrat B. H. Obama, some of which violations have caused many deaths in the USA and Mexico (eg "Fast & Furious").

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