Sunday, June 30, 2013

State Protections Vs. Federal Tyranny

Every day brings more news of gross corruption in the Federal government and attacks on those rights which should be guarded by the Bill Of Rights (Especially the First, Second, Fourth and Tenth Amendments, for which please read). It is most certain that the Federal government is not exercise its primary duty to protect the People. Given the very apparent failure of the "Washington Government" do so, I strongly suggest that the power to do so is then allocated to the States or the People.

A Bill (#:LRB-2063/1) has been introduced into Wisconsin's Legislature to empower Wisconsin to fill the gap in protecting the People from abuses of their individual rights (Declared so by SCOTUS which ruling was extended to the States)---Such as the
"Toomey-Manchin Proposal". Measures parallel to LRB-2063 are pending or in-effect in other States.

Some doctors have come out against this Bill. They appear to be ignorant ofThe apparent inverse relationship between the ownership of and ready access to guns and crimes;  And, the recent study which supports that position . They are very different from those patriotic physicians who signed the Declaration Of Independence and pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to winning the independence of our nation! If, and only if, those physicians were truly interested in protecting innocent children (Often the physical/emotional victims of home invasions), they would strongly oppose any restrictions on the possession of and ready access to modern firearms.

Everyone should consider the views of our "Founding Fathers" ( As to guns as noted in other blog entries)--And, such tyranny as the Federal government is now inflicting on the People.

Psychiatrists have been central to the violation of the Second Amendment rights of military troops and veterans and residents of New York State Therefore, I suggest that the legislature void the exception given to Psychiatrists in the original Bill!

The restrictions on physicians should be extended to psychologists, social workers and other licensed medical care workers or counselors.

Rather than make special provisions for peace officers I strongly suggest that violation of the proposed Law be included in our "Misconduct In Public Office" which provides for imposing those conditions on all public officials and employees.

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