Sunday, June 30, 2013

Effective Control Of Illegal Immigration

Many have claimed that the Senate's immigration bill(S.744) is "good for business, right for the U.S.". Those supporters  have neglected the facts about that Bill.
1.  It both fails to provide effective  control of who enters the USA and allows bureaucrats to nullify its few good measures designed for the protection of the citizens and lawfully here immigrants.
2. That those who now and will illegally enter the USA include those invaders who are too often: Bearers of illegal drugs; Carriers of horrid diseases (eg Drug resistant TB, Polio); Often armed with the most modern and fully-automatic, true, assault rifles; Members of Mexican criminal kidnapping and “hit” squads; And, most harmful to our unemployed citizens (Especially Black youths) those uneducated and under-qualified persons who steal (Very often entry level) jobs from those good people.

I am curious as to why you continue to "throw under the bus"  the USA's unemployed and marginally employed. As you are not elected officials, you do not even have the "need" to pimp for Latino votes as basic to your one-side presentation of pro-immigration views.
-As I am loath to present a problem (As to border control) I offer the following proposals.

If, and only if, The Congress wishes to protect us from such invaders, it must:
  1. Declare that those entering the USA at other than designated crossing points are invaders;
  2. Declare that the USA, like all other nations, has the right and, to its citizens, duty to effectively protect from such invaders;
  3. Declare that illegal immigrants have no rights under the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution as they have avoided the “jurisdiction” of the USA, as required by that Amendment, through their illegal entry or staying in the USA in violation of visas;
  4. Declare that the children of such illegal immigrants are not US citizens for the same reason;
  5. Enact such laws as will truly-and-effectively secure our Southern border and protect our citizens by the methods described below.

Effective Use Of Military To Secure USA Borders

1. Restrict the Border Patrol to urban areas and a thousand yards on either side of authorized, rural crossing points;
2. Allow anyone to cross into Mexico, without question, at any authorized crossing point or station;
3. Use four rows of “Razor Ribbon” (“Barbed Tape”) coils In addition to the fences yet to be build and those sort-of in place along the entire border except for roads leading to authorized crossing points;
4. Make the balance of our border, for the first 1000-yards into the USA, a military zone with posted notices in English, Spanish, Parsi, Arabic and local Native American languages that persons entering illegally there will be treated as invaders and will be shot, without warning if they are armed or resist arrest, and otherwise taken into custody for forced deportation or TRIAL BY MILITARY COMMISSION. 
5, Insure enough military personnel (Or alternatives described below) to insure "24/7" visual (ie "Mark-1, Mod-1 Eyeball") ovesight of every foot of our border AND to provide the below described and physical reaction to those invaders.

The troops could be regulars (Some brought back from Europe whose countries appear unwilling to defend themselves), reservists, National Guard and members of the General Militia (Also ad hoc posses raised by Sheriffs, mayors, JPs and other local government officials)

More On Effective Control Of US Border

It is NOT sufficient to merely order units of the National Guard to the border. They must be given "general orders" as will allow them to protect the USA. I suggest the following.
1.                  All persons entering the USA at other than approved places, manned by the Border Patrol, are invaders.
2. All such persons are to immediately be forced back across the border by use of such force as is required to do so.
3. Any such persons who are armed are to be immediately fired upon and that without warning.
4. If the Border Patrol or the Armed Forces of the USA (Or, civilians under their protection) are fired upon from across our border, the Border Patrol and the Armed Forces will react to such attacks by small arms fire, field guns or aviation delivered ordinance.
5. The National Guard, Army and, if necessary, the General Militia shall support the emplacement of not less than six coils of "razor ribbon" (aka "Barbed Tape") along every foot of a ocean-to-ocean fence.
6. Provide for high-speed and armed patrol boats and aircraft to prevent illegal immigration by sea and air under the same “General Order” as provided above.

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Mike said...

Wonderful, just logical and level headed to get anywhere with, sigh. Run for President, I will vote for you.