Monday, February 11, 2008

Wall Of Death VS. Israel's Separation Wall

Those "Christian peace delegates" (From "Christian Peacemaker Teams" and "On Earth Peace") who recently visited the West Bank appear to have failed of their purpose in establishing peace between Muslims and those (Jews, Muslims, Druze, Samaritans, Christians, etc.) living in the State of Israel---If the ongoing rocket and other terrorist attacks against the latter peoples are evidence to that effect.

The next trip those persons make to that land should be one where they make a sweep of the area and seize-and-destroy rockets and other terrorist weapons as used against the innocent. That activity would give them great opportunity to become true "witnesses" (ie "Martyrs") to their variety of Christianity; But, is likely to put them over the Wall-Of-Death which separates this world from the next----And which is much more final than the wall being built by Israel to prevent others from leaving this world at the hands of Islamic terrorists.


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