Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Disestablish C-of-E OR Return To Christianity?

The Economist weekly journal/newspaper of the UK has proposed that the Church of England be "disestablished", severed from its special place as a quasi-governmental part of the UK's power structure.

To an American as myself the proposition that the Church of England be "disestablished" and severed from its quasi-governmental status in the UK might sound like a good idea as it has been, more or less, in effect in the USA since 1789AD and allows us the religion based and morality-directed political debate that so many Europeans find "incomprehensible".

The danger of that severing is, as we Americans have experienced, is that some legislative dictators or judicial tyrants will extend that division in attempts to exclude religious and moral teaching from all public places and forums, favoring the amoral or immoral lack-of-principles of the secularists (ie Proponents of the "Religion of Atheism") in all ways and all places.

Upon reflecting on the ethical, political, economic, military and other weakness of so many British institutions and policies as have developed since 1945 (Or, earlier, from the time of Henry VIII), it might be better if the Archbishop of Canterbury, too many other Anglican leaders, the Royal Family and the Government actually returned to the civilization supporting, charitable, and sound basic teachings and practices of the Church and its daughter, Western Civilization. In other words, the problem is NOT too much Christianity BUT too little. This lack opens the door to the anti-civilization forces of the ideology of Saudi-style Islam and Mao/Stalin/Hitler forms of secular humanism both of which support genocide and other gross crimes and neither of which have produced the self-correcting progress of Christianity-based progress in the positive development of the human and humane state.

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