Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Real Aussie's Apology To The Abos


The below "Real Australian's Apology To The Aboriginal Population" was sent to me by someone in your part of the World. If I were a citizen of "Fair Australia", I believe I could run a successful political (But, politically incorrect) campaign for a seat in Parliament on the noted statement---And, budget saving and corrective measures based on it.


We apologise for giving you doctors and free medical care, which allows you to survive and multiply so that you can demand apologies.

We apologise for helping you to read and teaching you the English language, thus opening up to you the entire European civilisation, thought and enterprise.

We feel that we must apologise for building hundreds of homes for you, which you have vandalised and destroyed.

We apologise for giving you law and order which has helped prevent you from slaughtering one another and using the unfortunate for food purposes.

We apologise for developing large farms and properties, which today feed you, where before, you had the benefits of living off the land and starving during droughts.

We apologise for providing you with warm clothing made of fabric to replace the animal skins you used before.

We apologise for building roads and railway tracks between cities and building cars so that you no longer have to walk over harsh terrain.

We apologise for paying off your vehicles when you fail to pay the instalments.

We apologise for giving you free travel anywhere, whenever.

We apologise for giving each and every member of your family $100.00 and free travel to attend an aboriginal funeral.

We apologise for not charging you rent on any lands when white people have to pay.

We apologise for giving you interest free loans.

We apologise for developing oil wells and minerals, including gold and diamonds which you never used and had no idea of their value.

We apologise for developing Ayers rock and Kakadu, and handing them over to you so that you get all the money.

We apologise for allowing taxpayers money to be paid towards a daughters' wedding ($8,000.00 each daughter).

We apologise for giving you $1.7 billion per year for your 250,000 people, which is $48,000.00 per aboriginal man, woman and child.

We apologise for working hard to pay taxes that finance your welfare, medical care, education, etc to the tune of $1.2 billion each year.

We apologise for you having to approach the aboriginal affairs department to verify the above figures. For the trouble you will have identifying the "uncle toms" in your own community who are getting richer and leaving some of you living in squalor and poverty.

We do apologise. We really do.

We humbly beg your forgiveness for all the above sins.

We are only too happy to take back all the above and return you to the paradise of the "outback", whenever you are ready.

I suspect that someone more creative than I am could develop parallel positions for other professional victims in your land and mine beyond those Australian ones presented by the transmitting wag for address to the wogs.
1. For Arab immigrants: We apologize for introducing you to soft toilet paper so you no longer had to use sand to scrub your behinds.
2. For all Asians: We apologize for allowing you to live in our land where you can walk down a street with more than three-centimeters between you and smelly hordes about you.
3. For African Blacks: We apologize for taking you out of the slavery begun by and the dietary habits of cannibal chiefs (As Idi Amine) to lands where the "poverty level" is several levels-of-magnitude above the general living conditions of the blasted lands from which your forefathers came.
4. For illegal Latino immigrants coming to the USA: We apologize for a land where the poverty level, educational facilities, economic opportunities and quality of drug gang suppression is far beyond the wildest dreams and the reality of the rotten, corrupt, backwards and other evils of the urban and rural slums from which you came AND where the common language is, for the time being, the one world language.

I encourage your readers to develop this idea and transmit it to your PM and to all such political-prostitutes in too many of the once civilized nations of the World.

Sincerely yours,
James Pawlak


Anonymous said...

Re Abos (and Native Americans)
Let's see
The aliens move in
Kill as many of us as they can
Move the rest to where they don't want to live
Try to turn the remnant into them
Marginalize those of us who don't want to be them
Marginalize those of us who try to be them
On a guilt trip, the descendants of the thieves, murderers and rapists buy off their consciences with some small charity, since we can't live the way we used to, and we don't want to live the way they do
Yeah, I guess we should be thankful
I'm signed in as anonymous but Mr. Pawlak knows my email address

James Pawlak said...

Dear Anonymous,

I "know" many e-mail addresses. I also know many cowards who are afraid to sign what they write (eg The editors of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel).

"Small charity"? Not if the numbers provided were true.

Most "Abos" are more than happy to NOT live on the land and to suck the wealth out of others.

Anonymous said...

The quantity is meaningless unless compared with how much is spent as an equivalence to the dominant members of society. Like how much is infrastructure, how much is support, education and health etc as public funding and how much is welfare or the equivalent.
If that $48,000 is all of that then it is small.
As far as happy with the present state of affairs, you've got to be kidding. Read the poetry and literature that the Abos are presently writing. Shame, horror, fear and the knowledge that none of them will be left a couple of hundred years from now are the nice parts.

Bromboso (anonymous for what I think is a good reason)