Monday, February 18, 2008

Swooning At Obama Rallies-Which Spirits?

There have been reports of persons "swooning" or "fainting" at political rallies for Sen. Obama in the style known, in some religious circles, as being "Slain By The Holy Spirit".

From a secular point-of-view that type of physical reaction was known at the concerts of such as Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley as well as at the very bloody gladiatorial games in ancient Rome. In such cases, that reaction is an infantile or uncivilized reaction to the most base emotions, being different facets or faces of the same immaturity.

From a Christian viewpoint, it should be remembered that all "spirits" are NOT holy! The Christ cast out such evil spirits and the Catholic Church is now finding it necessary to train and deploy many more real exorcists to do the same--Which may indicate a gross spreading of such possession as might find a home in immature persons OR those who approve of Senator Obama's support of the most bloody killing of infants, both before and just after birth.

Now, when will our Bishops declare that voting for someone (eg Senator Obama) who supports abortion and infanticide is a great sin?

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