Saturday, February 09, 2008

Punishment Of Climate Change Heretics!!

Famous Canadian David Suzuki has proposed that politicians raising doubts about "The Religion Of Human Caused Climate Warming" should be thrown in jail. (It is uncertain if he would allow a trial-by-jury before such actions.) No doubt that, as this religion gains power (Before the next Ice Age), he and others of his ilk will call for the summary burning-at-the-stake (Now fallen out of use in Christian nations--Perhaps because of the "carbon footprint" such actions leave) or the slow sawing off of heads (Still used by Islamic terrorists) of those heretics.

In the second blog cited below, I have provided all with a list of real scientists to be punished when the Caliph Suzuki comes into power to enforce the dictates of the Prophet Al Bore.

It appears that Dr. Suzuki is not equally committed to the principle that all questions of science are open to ongoing reexamination and questioning AND that only theology contains absolutes.

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Anonymous said...

I just received a document from some scientists on the west coast which purports to prove that there is no relationship between co2 emission and the global warming trend. One of the items shown as proof was a graph comparing the gradual increase in the amount of coal and oil burned and the rate of increase of warming. The amount of coal and oil was a gradually increasing quantity from the mid 1800s and the rate of increase of warming was a straight line, very abrupt increase from slightly earlier. They pointed out that that meant that warming was independent of co2. They were comparing rate of increase and amount of increase as if they were the same thing!! Their final conclusion was that the more co2 we poured into the atmosphere the better. In actuality the rate of increase closely matched the amount of increase!! The graph was accurate enough but the conclusions drawn were a pure lie. Being that most Americans are functionally innumerate I expect that most of the recipients of their mailing would not have noticed that they were comparing quantity of increase and rate of increase. Query - if there is no relationship between co2 emissions and warming, why were these "scientists" basing their conclusions on an outright falsehood? I'm still signed in as anonymous and Mr. Pawlak still has my email address. I was the one who posted the material re natural law.