Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Diversity Education"

On Feb. 19th The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on a number of local high schools and colleges as to their "cultural diversity" programs or intents. Below you will find a list of some materials which should be included in such programs and the "reason why".

1. A look at the Aztec religion and its mass tearing the skin off of girls and hearts out of tens-of-thousands of other victims and its perpetual wars to obtain more such sacrifices.
2. The basic and unalterable teachings of Islam which encourage or allow, if not command, the use of murder, rape, genocide, perpetual war, robbery and enslavement to further the goals of that ideology and its members.
3. The worship of some Hindus of the goddess Kali by means of murder and robbery AND of the once almost mandatory suicide of widows (Suttee), since suppressed by those horrid English colonial administrations..
4. The secular cultures of Mao's China, Stalin's USSR, Pol Pot's Cambodia and Hitler's Germany which all sent millions to their deaths.
5. Contemporary Black, inner-city, sub-cultures as thrust forward the abuse of women and more murder by misuse of firearms.

These lessons would allow the students to have a better understanding and appreciation of the self-correcting and civilization inventing-nurturing-preserving Christian-based culture, or what remains of it, in the USA and too few other places.

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