Saturday, February 09, 2008

Cruel & Unusual Punishments

In discussing the Nebraska Supreme Court's decision to outlaw electrocution as the method of implementing the death penalty in their state as they declared it to be "cruel", today's New York Times noted the 1993 opinion of US Supreme Court Justice Souter (Joined by Justices Blackmun and Stevens) as to the then refusal of the Court to reconsider the 1890 decision that the electric chair was NOT a "cruel and unusual" punishment. Those three Justices declared that "modern knowledge" might require a different conclusion.

I do wonder at the value placed on the lives and deaths of the worst in our society, those found guilty of murder and having such convictions many-times reviewed, as opposed to the usual judicial decision to allow the chopping up or chemical burning-to-death of the most innocent in our world, unborn children.

The "modern knowledge" as to the prenatal development of children, especially as to their ability to feel pain, should then require an overturning of Roe v. Wade as the unborn (With their unique and different from mothers genetic codes) are being cruelly executed for the "crime" of being conceived.

O tempora, O mores!

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