Sunday, February 03, 2008

Learning From A. Lincoln--To Win An Election

More attention to history may provide the Republican Party with that margin of success needed to win the upcoming national elections. That is, Republicans should consider the lessons taught by the 1864 elections which earned President Lincoln and gave his Party a great success---BY INSURING THAT AS MANY SOLDIERS AS POSSIBLE WERE REGISTERED TO VOTE AND GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO SO!

The President should NOW make every effort to insure that every active duty member of the Armed Forces (Regulars, Reservists and National Guard) is provided the information and forms needed to register (If not yet enrolled) and to cast absentee ballots in a timely manner. The making of this right-to-vote available to our Forces should be made as a "direct order" to all unit commanders and, likewise, the execution of such made (Again, by order) a part of the annual performance evaluations of such COs.

Of course, this must be done without any overt or even covert partisan statements.


Zachary said...'re sorely mistaken if you think the military vote will sway the 2008 election in favor of the GOP. Just as 2006 was a bad year to be a Republican facing re-election, 2008 will be an equally bad year to be a Republican.

James Pawlak said...

Dear Zachary:

To paraphrase a Spanish philosopher:"Those who do not learn from history will be condemned to repeat it".

Perhaps you should study the prior record of compromise with Nazis (So close in their teachings to Islam) and the 1864 US election.