Sunday, February 26, 2017

To Those Against Statues Of CSA Warriors

A "poem" (I am being charitable) written by one Henri André Fourroux III to support the removal of statutes of Confederate warriors was sent to me by a "pathological pacifist". Below is my response.

I am still waiting upon statues honoring:
1. This era's many Blacks murdered by other Blacks;
2. The White victims, selected out on the basis of race, by Black thugs at a rate many, many, times the reverse;
3. The many Christians murdered, raped, tortured and exiled by the orthodox followers (So much protected by B. H. Obama and others of his ilk) of the false prophet Mohammed; 
4. The many armed citizens who risked all to protect the innocent by the use (Most often the "mere" display) of readily available guns as kept many-times-more from being murdered and maimed than those so insulted by illegal use of weapons); And,
5. The unborn children murdered by those "Liberals" who support elective abortions (Where the life of the "mothers" are not in "clear and present danger"---And, form up a large part of those who opposed the election of Donald Trump and support many of your positions.). 

I also point out to you the following fact: If Blacks were removed from "the numbers" regarding crimes committed with the use of firearms, the USA's rate of such crimes would be about average for "developed nations" (eg Belgium ---Before the increase of such crimes exactly attributed to Muslims in recent years).


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